Bio – Tara

Tara Koenig

My Favorite Breakfast:
I Love Breakfast! I can eat it all day long. I always start my day with a bowl of cereal and add different breakfast items as my day progresses.

Tara’s Story
Having served breakfast downtown Minneapolis for over 20 years, Tara has learned a thing or two about making sure the customer has a good experience. When it comes to getting to know her customers, Tara is the one that not only remembers your name—but also your favorite items on the menu.

Tara grew up in Dayton, MN surrounded by the farmland the Midwest is famous for. It’s no surprise that she loves organic gardening and strives to minimize her footprint through sustainable living at home and at work.

In the early stages of crafting the concept for Hen House Eatery with Barb and Maribel, Tara knew their approach had to be different than the other café’s downtown. Using fresh locally-sourced ingredients was a natural choice. Not just because it meant tastier food on the menu, but because it helps local farmers and has less impact on the environment.

My goal is to make our guests feel like they’re part of our family. I hope you enjoy our food so much that you’ll invite your own family and friends.